Noah Graham
Jul 14 2023

Embrace Excitement

Noah Graham

One might say that this would be common sense, but we as intelligent human beings forget this crucial aspect all the time. Excitement might come in the form of something as large as a new car, but it can also come in the form of something as small as a drop of dew forming on a blade of grass. The thing is, we become so used to the everyday events that are around us that we take them for granted. 

The week before July 4th, I had the opportunity to attend FFA camp and to assist in leading the leadership activities. When I showed up to camp, I pulled the door latch on my cool, 70-degree- climate-controlled car and the searing heat hit me like a brick wall. As the sweat started to form, I stepped out of the vehicle and moseyed up to the office so I could begin my week. 


We ended up having a hot but nonetheless successful week at camp and in the end, everyone said their goodbyes and left to return to our ordinary lives. As I was driving home, I looked up at the storm clouds and realized just how beautiful they were, and how lucky we were to experience them. This thinking then led me to a realization. All week, I had forgotten how exciting this experience was, and I let the extreme heat inhibit my fullest potential for excitement. I began to wonder how I could prevent this distraction in the future, and I came up with an answer. I decided that in the future, every time I would get hot I would look back to this experience and remember to drown out all of the distractions.


As time goes on, we will continue to have new and exciting experiences. I ask that each one of you not let anything get in the way of embracing every bit of excitement in each opportunity. 

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