Colin McIntyre

Colin McIntyre
Feb 01 2024

Stand Out From the Crowd

Throughout my time in FFA, I participated in several Career Development Events (CDE). During my junior year, I found myself doing a contest that I had never imagined doing. Although I didn’t know what it was and the level of difficulty the Forestry CDE encompassed, I discovered one tree was quite unique during my involvement.  The Chinkapin oak might sound like the average oak tree with its typical tree bark, average height and normal stems, however when looking at its leaf structure one can see how unique it really is. Typical oak leaves are round or pointy lobed, whereas the Chinkapin sets itself apart with sharply pointed leaves. 


From time to time we might seem to be like everyone else. However, remember that the Chinkapin oak looks identical to others until you look at its leaves. We might not know exactly what makes us different. I found that I enjoy talking in a British accent, and I love the color pink. As we reflect on ourselves we will discover all that makes us unique. Look at the small things that make you different. It could be the structure of your leaves or your favorite color. It’s okay for you to be different.  

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