Gabriel Todd
Jul 14 2023

No Turning Back

Gabriel Todd

“If you choose to go with me from here, there’s no turning back.” These are the words that I heard from a cave guide not that long ago. I was touring Marvel Cave, and we entered the cavern onto a man-made platform. We were about to descend a few hundred feet further into the ground, but the guide wanted to give us a moment to see what was ahead. He said some introductory information about the cave and ended it with this warning: “Ahead can be treacherous, and there will be points where we will be cramped and have to bend down to fit.” He concluded by saying, “If you choose to go with me from here, there’s no turning back.” 

This made me think of my FFA journey during high school. When I started high school, I had no idea what FFA was really about. I just knew I was interested. If I looked at the cave with fear of what could happen or what awaited me, I would have missed the beautiful formations and wonderful sites in the cave. If I would have looked at my FFA journey the same way some might look at the cave, I would have missed the great opportunities and friends I made along the way. I was able to learn so much in my agriculture classes, judging competitions, leadership academies, and other opportunities. I am so glad I looked forward with optimism, just as I did in the cave. FFA members, I want to encourage you to look forward with optimism. Our organization is filled with opportunities and friendships that are available for all who choose to accept them. Don’t turn back now; we have so much more to discover.

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