Colin McIntyre
Jun 21 2023

Regardless of Rank

In the 2022 Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike had 80-1 odds — a horse worth just $30,000, the horse who was informed at 8:45 that there were no scratches. Just minutes before the registration closed, a scratch gave Rich Strike a chance to run the race of his life. Rich Strike started on the worst side of the track and began 17 lengths behind the leaders. Against all odds, Rich Strike rose to the top, and then became the winner of the 2022 Kentucky Derby. Not only did that horse work hard to win, but he also succeeded. From time to time in life, there have been moments when I’ve felt as if all odds were against me, whether that was trying to get out of bed, reading a book, or most recently taking a math test. As we go through our life there are going to be times when each one of us will feel as if everything is against us. 

Rich Strike might have had every odd against him, but there is no doubt that regardless of his rank on the track he worked his way to the winner’s circle. The task wasn’t easily accomplished; much hard work was required to achieve succeess. In FFA we might find ourselves working toward being the winner. Although our time in this organization is limited, if we work hard to achieve our goals then we will all have a fighting chance. Regardless of where we place ourselves on the track, we will have the opportunity to be the winner. Sometimes the opportunity might not arise until just minutes before the registration closes.

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