Kelsey Miller
Jun 21 2023

Breaking Through Pressure

My keyboard stayed untouched while the days crept closer to the Fall Public Speaking competition. I had conducted interviews and researched statistics but could never come up with the words to use in the speech itself. Staring at the screen, I needed to fill the pages with inspiring words — words that would captivate the judges. Still, regardless of how long I waited, my pages remained blank. 

Realizing the time of night, I was giving in to the pressure of putting it off for a few hours to go to sleep. I needed inspiring words that would stand out against the other contestants. As I had done time and time again leading up to this night, I stopped and read through the information from my research. 

After reading through the interviews again, it hit me. The word ‘pressure.’ Don’t let the pressure of the situation stop you from completing your task. Reading the words I started realizing that I was putting pressure on myself to make this something unique when in reality I needed to focus on delivering the content I had collected instead. 

Suddenly, the words flowed. I had page after page filled with words. While the content might not have been mountain-moving, the words still showed my passion and love for the topic. I had wasted so much of my time leading up to that night trying to come up with groundbreaking ideas that I was limiting the progress of my speech.

Whether it be writing a speech or completing homework assignments, the pressure we place on ourselves can build obstacles to overcome. As we go about our lives, I want to inspire all of you to take a breath, relieve your stress, and let your thoughts and ideas form on their own.  

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