Lilly Weber
Aug 22 2023

Perfection Isn’t The Goal

Claire Walker

Being completely honest, I am a perfectionist. However, nothing is ever absolutely “perfect,” no matter how much we wish it to be. Another important thing to know about me is that I bring being competitive to a whole new level. In today’s world, everything seems like a competition, which in some cases can be fun or beneficial, but it can also be harmful or destructive. Sometimes, we might take the situation too far by trying to be perfect or by always wanting to be in first place. In every case, by attempting perfection and always trying to win, we end up sacrificing in other aspects of our lives, such as academics, relationships, or physical and mental health. From personal experience, it is exhausting pretending to be perfect in everything, all the time. Instead, as cliché as it may sound, we should all simply try to do our best. No person can ask for more than your best. By dedicating yourself and giving it your all, you can accomplish much. First, by committing your best, you hold yourself to a high, yet realistic standard that sets you up for success. Second, this creates a balance in other aspects of your life, instead of sacrificing one over another. Finally, this starts the healthy habit of putting in effort in every activity you participate in whether it be sports, band, academics, or simply relations with others. Perfection is not healthy, nor is it the end goal. No one can ask for more than your best. By giving your all, you set the example for others that your best is, in fact, always enough.

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