The Season to be Thankful

Officer - Dakota Pemberton

Thinking back to when I was in elementary school, I remember that during the week of Thanksgiving we would always create a project that showed what we were thankful for. We can all probably remember doing something like this. Many of us probably said that we were thankful for friends, family and our pets. However, as I look back at my years in school I wonder why we didn’t do projects like these every week to appreciate the things we are thankful for. While being thankful for our friends, family and pets are great things to be thankful for, we should also be thankful for the most common things in our lives. Everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat to even our time in the FFA are all things we should have added to this list. 


Our time in FFA is limited and can be expressed as 1,460 days or 35,040 hours. How we spend those hours is our decision, but I believe that we should make the most out of every second. The National FFA Organization, the Missouri FFA Association and our chapter provide us with endless opportunities that we don’t always take advantage of. However, when that last hour is up and your time in FFA is over, you will wish that you could go back and participate in those opportunities. I challenge you all as you go about your time in FFA to take every opportunity this amazing organization throws at you. To all the FFA members present and past, take the time to give thanks to your agriculture education advisors for the work that they do, give thanks to the farmers that work tirelessly to feed the world, and most importantly give thanks to your friends and family for all that they have done for you. Happy Thanksgiving Missouri FFA!

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