Kelsey Miller, Vice President

VP 2023-2024

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Warrenton FFA


Jonesburg, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Agriculture Education-Teacher Certification

Kelsey Miller
SAE Project:

My SAE’s include Agricultural Processing Placement and Beef Production Entreprenuership/Placement. I have currently been employed at Davis Meat Processing LLC in Jonesburg, MO since October 2019. While working at Davis Meat Processing I assist on the kill floor, heat sealing and wrapping meat products, operating the retail lobby, marketing specials and new products, and working home shows to attract new customers to our products. While working at Davis Meat I have learned about the different cuts of meat, gained customer service experience, learned the packaging process, and how to safely and appropriately handle money. I have also learned cleaning and organization skills while advertising and marketing the Company’s products. I plan to continue this SAE by working during the summer and continuing years. This SAE has been a great experience for me to improve my public speaking skills. 


For the past four years my Beef Production SAE has consisted of raising crossbred market cattle for county fairs as well as working for Miller Creek Farms and Toedebusch Farms in Jonesburg, vaccinating, tagging, weaning calves, landscaping, and fixing fences. My Beef Production Entrepreneurship SAE has shown me patience and responsibility. I have learned how to A.I., feed, raise, groom, and show cattle effectively. I plan to continue this SAE to raise my own show calves in continuing years as it has taught me how to raise a herd of cattle on my own while also instilling good record-keeping practices. I have been able to grow the number of cattle in my herd as well as work more for the local farmers.

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

From a young age I have been passionate about the agriculture industry. Through the skills and experiences I’ve obtained, I will be successful in any future endeavors. Serving as a state officer not only gives me the chance to interact with members across the state, but will allow me to impact their lives and encourage them to grow within our organization and industry. Every state officer that I have interacted with from my freshman year till now has impacted my FFA career and has pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to succeed in anything I put my mind to.

What legacy do you most want to leave with Missouri FFA members during your year of service?

I desire to serve the association as a state FFA officer not only because of the opportunity to serve as a role model for the organization, but also to impact the lives of members around me to follow their dreams. I want the members to know how important this organization has been to my future and the importance of giving back to it. By serving as a Missouri State FFA Officer, not only will I be developing my leadership capabilities, but I will also be creating that spark of a passion for agriculture in our members.

What are your plans for the future?

My future goals after high school are to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia and major in Agriculture Education. With this degree, I would like to come back to my local community and teach future generations about the importance of agriculture as an FFA Advisor and Agriculture Science Teacher. This has been my career goal since I started my FFA career in 8th grade. My passion truly lies in educating youth about agriculture and showing them how important it is to advocate for our industry.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

I enjoy photography and editing pictures, I also love learning about history even though I was never the greatest in my high school history classes.

Advice to FFA Members

Step outside of your comfort zone because that is where the most adventurous things happen. Without taking risks and learning new things you are limiting your opportunities. Take every opportunity available to you and make the most of it.