Isabella Hamner
Aug 04 2023

Never Surrender

I’ve recently had an obsession with latin phrases. I don’t speak latin, but from my interest I’ve picked up a few quotes. One of my favorites is “non desistas non exieris” which translates to “Never give up. Never surrender.” It’s a pretty straightforward quote. We hear the reminder to “never give up” a lot in our lives, but we often forget that it doesn’t just apply to sports or tests. Sometimes we need to remember never to give up on ourselves. 


Without the structure of school and seeing friends every day, I sometimes struggle to stay motivated. There are good days and not-so-good days. Some days I wake up early and energized, ready to be productive and accomplish the tasks on my to-do list. Others, I struggle to even feel motivated enough to get out of bed. It is on the not-so-good days that it is easy to berate yourself and give up. It is easier to just resign yourself to sitting in bed all day and putting off your tasks until tomorrow. But, it is important to never surrender. Push yourself to do one step at a time. Get out of bed, then get dressed, then make breakfast. Not every day is going to feel life-changing, but even the small things can make you feel more productive. Every day is full of possibilities, and it is up to us as individuals to choose to take advantage of them. Even on the days when those possibilities seem so far away, we must remember to never give up on ourselves and never surrender. 

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