Lilly Weber
Dec 22 2023

Keep Air In Your Tires

Lily Weber

As Joyce Meyer once said, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.” Flat tires are not the way to start any day. It delays you and ruins your plans for the day. It also affects other people, too, because it could make you late for a meeting or even just the start to your day. 


It takes only seconds for a tire to go flat, but to change out the tire and repair it takes several minutes. The same can be said about a bad attitude. It only takes one little thing going wrong to put you in a bad mood. Which might take just seconds like the tire going flat.Also like a tire, a bad attitude delays you and even in some cases ruins your day. Just like a tire makes you late, a bad attitude affects the people around you. By having a bad attitude you are bringing down the people around you. When you are part of a team such as in sports, it helps to get the win when you have confidence and a positive attitude. When you are working on a project, if it is not going the way you want, sit back and try looking at it from another angle. Do not let it get you down, frustrated, or give up. These are all ways to bring your group’s attitude down. With these things in the way, the project does not get finished. We all know that one time we might be excited to do something or go somewhere, but someone else was not, and it changed our mood. Bad attitudes are contagious. How do we fix this bad attitude? We fix it the same way we fix a flat tire. We change it out for a new one. While it might take a few minutes to change our attitude, once we do we are back up and ready to go! So remember, if you have a flat tire or a bad attitude, change it for you and those around you. It will only take a few seconds to put a smile on your face, and share it with others.  

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