Workshop 4 – Taking Action

Erin Heinecke, State Vice President + Cade Shepherd, State Vice President

We know that teamwork is the framework that makes our dreams work. How do we go from a crafting a really great team to turning our dreams and aspirations into our reality? We take action!

Directions #1 – Dreams + Aspirations

Download the page linked here:

Dreams + Aspirations


  1. Take a few moments to reflect on your dreams and aspirations.
  2. Answer the questions provided.

Directions #2 – Impact

Open the pages linked here:



  1. Look over the answers you recorded on the Dreams + Aspirations page.
  2. With those in mind, answer the questions on the first two Impact pages.

More details on the Living to Serve Project and Module are coming soon! They will be released in the third phase on July 29, 2020. Then, applicable documents and information will be linked here.

Directions #3 – Seeing Myself as a “Roll Model”

  1. Find the box at the bottom of the Impact document. It’s on the third page.
  2. Fill it in with the names of people you know who share similar dreams and aspirations with you.
  3. Jot down some ways you might help them accomplish their goals as a mentor, or role model.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to the people you brainstormed and lend a helping hand!

Scavenger Hunt


Thanks to our friends at Missouri Farmers Care!


  1. How many agricultural organizations are members of Missouri Farmers Care? (
  2. How can FFA members get involved in Agriculture Education on the Move? (
  3. How many counties in Missouri are Agri-Ready? (
  4. How may people in rural Missouri struggle with food insecurity? (
  5. To which organization are the meals and dollars raised through the Drive to Feed Kids campaign donated? (
  6. Who won the 2018 Leopold Conservation Award? Where are they from? What do they produce? (

To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, keep track of the answers to the questions listed at the end of each workshop. At the end of the Show-Me Summit experience, you’ll have the opportunity to submit those answers to be eligible to list the 2020 Show-Me Summit as a State Activity on all Missouri FFA Award Applications!