Workshop 5 – Our Generation’s Agriculture

Madison Moll, State Vice President + Dakota Pemberton, State Vice President

As FFA members, our connections to the agriculture industry run deep!  Based on what we’ve learned about ourselves so far, it’s easy to realize that each one of us has a set of different experiences in agriculture. How lucky are we to live in a state that celebrates the industry! Let’s take a closer look at Missouri Agriculture.

Directions #1 – Missouri Agriculture


  1. Download the “Missouri Agriculture at a Glance” Fact Sheet, linked here: MDA_Facts.
  2. Read it over.
  3. Pick out 3-4 facts about Missouri Agriculture to share.


Share those facts on your favorite social media platform, using the hashtag #ShowMeSummitAg!

Directions #2 – SAE Stars

  1. Open up National FFA’s American Stars Webpage, first! You can find it here: FFA American Stars.
  2. Next, open this page: SAE.
  3. Choose a video to watch on the American Stars Webpage.
  4. Answer the questions on the SAE page based on the video you chose.

Scavenger Hunt


Thanks to our friends at MFA Incorporated!


  1. Every year, MFA supports youth livestock projects with the 4-H and FFA Project premium program. Students who use MFA products can win money for county and state Rate-of-Gain contests as well as two carcass contests. What is the premium for Beef, Grand Champion at the Missouri State Fair? (
  2. We know that today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders. And we put our money where our mouth is. Every spring MFA Incorporated awards student scholarships. How many are offered each year? (
  3. Cooperatives are businesses owned and controlled by the people who use them. In agriculture, there are nearly 3,000 farmer cooperatives whose members include a majority of our nation’s two million farmer ranchers. What is one reason why cooperatives are organized? (
  4. MFA products and services are readily available to you. Use the MFA Store Locator to find the store nearest you. Record the store’s identification number and phone number. (

To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, keep track of the answers to the questions listed at the end of each workshop. At the end of the Show-Me Summit experience, you’ll have the opportunity to submit those answers to be eligible to list the 2020 Show-Me Summit as a State Activity on all Missouri FFA Award Applications!