Missouri Agriculture

We are so lucky to live in a state that celebrates how diverse the agriculture industry is! Take some time to explore the resources below, courtesy of our friends in Missouri Agriculture.

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Missouri Agriculture at a Glance


Need some facts and figures about Missouri FFA? Look here:


Missouri FFA Fact Sheet

Missouri Farmers Care

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Drive to Feed Kids


Agriculture Education on the Move

Our friends at Missouri Farm Bureau have developed resources related to each of the core Show-Me Summit Leadership Workshops, just for you! Click on the links below to open the documents.




Intentional Leadership


Dreamwork Framework


Taking Action


Our Generation’s Agriculture


Making a Masterpiece



Historical Highlights

Missouri Farm Bureau

MFA is empowering change every day to improve how we do business. This means changing the way we think, the way we serve, and the way we learn. This also means changing how we source talent and share knowledge with today’s up & coming industry professionals. Use the information below to learn more about a few areas of our business and consider some career opportunities.


MFA Incorporated- Navigating the Road Ahead

MFA Agronomy- MFA’s Nutri-Track Program- for farmers, the environment, and future generations

MFA Livestock, Feed, & Animal Health- Powercalf Mobile

MFA Grain- Rail Facility

MFA Careers-


MFA Incorporated


Missouri Soybean

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Missouri Cattlemen’s Association