Workshop 6 – Making a Masterpiece

Ricanna Spargo, State Vice President + Justin Eddy, State President

When you really think about it, together, the agriculture industry and our organization make a masterpiece. How can we put together the knowledge we’ve gained throughout Show-Me Summit to create a masterpiece of our own? And what happens when things don’t go quite how we planned them?


a positive trait based on a person’s perseverance and passion




the capacity to recover from difficulties

Directions #1 – Grit + Resilience in My Life

Open up the page linked below:



  1. Take some time to reflect.
  2. Answer the reflection questions on the “Masterpiece” page.

Scavenger Hunt


Thanks to our friends at Missouri Corn!


  1. When will 2021 Missouri Corn Scholarship applications be available?(
  2. What Missouri FFA program does Missouri Corn sponsor for incoming high school seniors?(
  3. What materials does Missouri Corn provide for classroom use? (
  4. What blend of ethanol is utilized at Missouri fuel pumps when the price of ethanol is less than or equal to gasoline? (
  5. What are three benefits to joining the Missouri Corn Growers Association? (

To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, keep track of the answers to the questions listed at the end of each workshop. At the end of the Show-Me Summit experience, you’ll have the opportunity to submit those answers to be eligible to list the 2020 Show-Me Summit as a State Activity on all Missouri FFA Award Applications!