Workshop 1 – Individuality

Felicity Cantrell, State Vice President + Lauren Gilbert, State Vice President

Who are you? What makes you, YOU? In order to grow into the best leaders we can possibly be, we need to know ourselves first.

Download the page linked here:

Personality Traits List

Directions #1 – Traits

If you haven’t already, download the page linked here:

Personality Traits List


  1. Read over list of traits.
  2. Choose five.
  3. Jot them down.

Directions #2 – Activities

Open the page linked here:

Activity Inventory


  1. Set a timer for three minutes.
  2. Fill out the “Activity Inventory” page.
  3. Include five different activities.

Directions #3 – I am. . .

Now, open the document linked here:

Most Me


  1. Answer the questions on the “Most Me” page.
  2. Fill in the “I am. . .” sentence at the bottom of the page based on your answers.


This is your “I am. . .” statement. Use it to guide the rest of the self-reflection you’ll do during the Show-Me Summit!

Scavenger Hunt


Thanks to our friends at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association!


  1. When is the chapter enrollment deadline for the 2020 Missouri Cattlemen’s FFA Fantasy Feed Out? (
  2. What region of Missouri will the 2020 Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association Industry Tour be visiting this year? (
  3. What are the three benefits of membership with the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association? (
  4. When is the Missouri Cattlemen’s Foundation 2021 scholarship deadline? (

To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, keep track of the answers to the questions listed at the end of each workshop. At the end of the Show-Me Summit experience, you’ll have the opportunity to submit those answers to be eligible to list the 2020 Show-Me Summit as a State Activity on all Missouri FFA Award Applications!