Workshop 3 – Dreamwork Framework

Rachel Holt, State Vice President + Mackenzie Porter, State 1st Vice President

Now that we know who we are, what we enjoy, and what leadership truly means to us, let’s spend some time exploring what really makes our dreams turn into a reality– teamwork!

Directions #1 – Teams



  1. Find a scratch piece of paper and a writing utensil.
  2. Jot down a list of teams.



Keep in mind that these teams can be anything! Think boybands, sports teams, groups from school. A team is simply a group of people working together towards a common goal!

Directions #2 – Strengths and Weaknesses

Open the page linked here:


Dreamwork Framework




  1. Complete the “Gut-Check” section.

Directions #3 – My Team


  1. Reference the answers in the “Gut-Check” Chart on the Dreamwork Framework page.
  2. Transfer the words in the left column into the graphic organizer on the bottom of the page. Follow the arrow!
  3. In the right column of the graphic organizer, jot down the names of people who excel in each of the areas you recorded in the left column.


Need some help? Check out the example linked here:

My Team Example

Scavenger Hunt


Thanks to our friends at Missouri Soybean!


  1. What’s the difference between the Missouri Soybean Association and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council? (
  2. What are three unique features of the Missouri Soybean’s Center for Soy Innovation? (
  3. What is the purpose of Missouri Soybean’s Bay Farm Research Facility? (
  4. How many state soybean organizations own and operate a research farm for the benefit of soybean farmers? (

To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, keep track of the answers to the questions listed at the end of each workshop. At the end of the Show-Me Summit experience, you’ll have the opportunity to submit those answers to be eligible to list the 2020 Show-Me Summit as a State Activity on all Missouri FFA Award Applications!