Rachel Grimes, Vice President

VICE PRESENT 2021-2022

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Archie FFA


Archie, Missouri


Missouri State University


Animal Science-Nutrition

SAE Project

Diversified Livestock Production and Swine Production Placement

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

When I had the opportunity to attend Camp Rising Sun, I met a state officer that completely changed the direction of my FFA career. She was always encouraging me to try new things and to never give up. With her support, I always felt more capable, and I know how important that relationship was to me and my success as an FFA member.  I ran for a state FFA office to form relationships with members just like that officer did with me.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is a dear family friend, Janice. Throughout my life, especially the past four years, Janice has been like a second mother to me. She has always supported me and listened to every speech or interview practice I ever did and read over any paper or application that I submitted. She is the hardest working individual that I have ever met, and has shown me a thing or two about efficient work. What inspires me the most about her is her ability to never give up. What most people do not realize is the difficult hand she has been dealt over the past four years. Despite those obstacles, Janice has remained motivated and positive. She is ultimately my hero because she keeps doing when I would have stopped. She pushes me to become a better person, a better leader and a better citizen.

What are your plans for the future?

After college I plan to become employed by a livestock feed company. I hope to formulate feed rations that farmers and ranchers give their livestock. I would like to work alongside those producers on the farms to develop feeds made specifically for their needs. More specifically, I want to work with the youth in the livestock industry who exhibit their livestock. I know how greatly impacted I was by showing livestock, so I act as a mentor to our youth.

Advice to FFA Members

Don’t get caught up in living someone else’s dream. Find your passions and work diligently toward accomplishing the goals you set for yourself. Never let a single failure determine your future. In fact, let your failures be the fuel to your motivation.