Malerie Schutt, VP

VP 2022-2023

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Hermann FFA


Hermann, Missouri


Northwest Missouri State University


Animal Science

Malerie Schutt, VP
SAE Project:

Beef Production/Poultry Production/Fruit/Vegetable Production — Entrepreneurship

I own a herd of purebred, registered Hereford cattle that produce F-1 black baldies, which I sell to other local farmers. Along with that, I also raise and show market steers that are sold at my county fair. Additionally, I own a small flock of laying hens and sell eggs locally. I also  incubate eggs to produce and sell chicks. Other than livestock, I maintain a 2,000-square-foot garden that produces a variety of fruits and vegetables. While I sell the fresh produce, I also make canned goods, baked goods, and dried goods that I sell at our local farmers’ markets and via social media. Some of my products are zucchini bread, strawberry jam, salsa, various homemade pickles, and more.

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

I wanted to become a Missouri FFA Officer to make a difference. For four years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is much bigger than just a club or series of events. FFA grants success and opportunity to those who put forth the effort and are passionate about the organization. As a predominantly reserved individual, I understand how hard it can be to try something new or get out of your comfort zone. I want to be the spark that ignites FFA members with courage and confidence to ensure success for their future. After watching several state officers before me serve lead this organization, I now have the opportunity to encourage and inspire members from across the state to do what they are truly passionate about.  

Who is your hero and why?

While I have a lot of people in my life to consider my personal hero, my mother is one who has been the most influential hero throughout my life thus far. As a child living in a low income household, a lot of burden was put in her hands at an early age. Due to her family situation, she chose to move out when she was only 17 years old. A year and a half later, I was born, and because she had a child to take care of, my mom didn’t attend college right away. Throughout my early childhood, I remember my mom having to juggle three jobs to help support our family. After my brother was born four years later, my mom decided to attend night school to earn her bachelor’s degree in business. I vividly remember a couple of times when my mom would be studying for a huge exam on the living room floor and my two-year-old brother would lay on her back as she studied. A couple of years later, my mom graduated from William Woods University with her two children by her side. My mom has taught me that even when we are going through the most challenging times in our lives, we have to find it within ourselves to keep moving forward. And if we do that, a beautiful path to success and happiness will be awaiting you. 

What are your plans for the future?

After high school, I plan to attend Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville to earn my master’s degree in animal science in hopes of potentially becoming an animal biotechnologist specializing in reproduction and/or nutrition. I chose to study this particular field for many reasons, but mostly because agriculture is my passion. I hope through this experience I can gain qualities and skills that will assist me in advocating for the agriculture industry.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

Other than my main hobbies like FFA, athletics, showing cattle, and gardening, I enjoy making crafts. Specifically, I have made several homemade wreaths as gifts for family and friends throughout the years.

Advice to FFA Members

As a busy individual myself, I understand that being involved in a specific organization or extracurricular activity can be incredibly rewarding. However, challenges can occur along the way. My advice to FFA members is that when life gets overwhelming, take a step back and remember why you are here. Remember why you show up every single day and perform to your best. Despite the obstacles you may face, you deserve to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If there is a particular goal in mind, stick with it! You won’t regret it. The work, the stress and the emotions are all worth the outcome. Keep going. I promise you are doing an amazing job!!