Kate Rogers, VP

VP 2022-2023

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South Harrison FFA


Bethany, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Agricultural Education – Communications and Leadership

SAE Project:

Swine production, beef production, forage production, crop production and agricultural sales

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

I was motivated to run for state office because of the positive impact that past state officers had on me. These role models truly inspired me to serve and give back while striving to grow and be the best individual that I can be. Because of this, I want to be a role model and inspiration to other FFA members, just as those people were for me. 

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is my Great Grandma Katherine (Kathy) Hammond. While I was, in fact, named after her, we had several other things in common. She helped me discover my passion for arts and crafts which caused me to start my own art business, Kate Rogers Art. I will forever be grateful for her impact on my life and strive to help others find their passion, just as she did for me.

What are your plans for the future?

This fall, I will be studying agricultural education-communications and leadership at the University of Missouri in Columbia. After completing my education, I plan to return to the family farm to continue my production agriculture operation and advocate for the industry by supporting youth in agriculture and working for an agricultural business.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

I hate elevators, so much so that I would prefer to use the stairs, even in official dress heels.

Advice to FFA Members

Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Your fear of not being successful should not prevent you from trying and growing through it. The most growth happens when you are outside of that comfort zone and face your fears.