Izabella Hutton Kidwell, Vice President


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Troy FFA


Hawk Point, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Agricultural Education

SAE Project

Diversified Livestock Production consisting of cattle, swine, donkeys and poultry. I also have a Research SAE in Animal and Plant Sciences where I investigated reproduction methods in swine and soybean seed treatment effects in the beginning growth stages.

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

I think that every FFA member has had that fleeting thought during their freshman year of high school, especially around convention time or at Greenhand Motivational Conference, about how cool it would be to become a State Officer. I’m just as guilty at that, but that would honestly pass as fast as it had come. As time continued, each burst of motivation and energy would occur more often and had lasted a little longer, and as the train who thought he could always said, I began to truly “think I can.” Part of me was always scared to try, and I don’t think that there is a particular moment where I realized that I could try and believe that “I can”; but I can tell you now that I am beyond excited to serve and show members around Missouri that it’s okay to think you can, because why not you? 

Who is your hero and why?

It has taken support and assistance to get me where I am today, and if I could thank everyone at least a little bit that’s what I would do. 

My mother has been by my side since day one. Growing up, I had a more unconventional childhood, and where most people might not be able to relate, I couldn’t be more grateful. My mother made the best out of life for me and my little brother, helped to grow us into who we are today, and I love her more and more every day for it. She truly is my best friend; from heart to hearts, to lip-syncing the “Pitch Perfect” soundtrack in her car on our way home from long softball weekends, she has been my number one fan and supporter through it all. 

I will always and forever view my grandfather as a hero of mine. He was the father I never had and truly helped me realize “such is life” and it doesn’t matter what is thrown at you, but it matters how you handle it. He fought a long battle with heart issues and lung cancer. He showed me to have strength and fight, even when all you might want to do is rest and give up. From taking the long way home because he wanted me to truly enjoy the scenic routes or listening to “Let It Be” by The Beatles because it was our song,he was the male role model that I am beyond blessed to have been able to have.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia and major in Agricultural Education/Teacher Certification with a minor in either Animal Sciences or Agribusiness. Once I graduate, my goal is to come back to my home chapter, Troy FFA, and teach agriculture education. I would also like to have my own swine reproduction services operation on the side.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

Something unique or interesting about me is that I am actually a huge nerd. Like, for real. I’m the master at “The Office” trivia. I wrote a WHOLE book in elementary school. I can quote movies from the 80’s and up word by word, and I own around 50 books.

Advice to FFA Members

A little piece of advice from me is to look forward, but never wait. This is something that I thought of my freshman year in high school and ever since then, it’s been a guide. Fifty years from now, looking back, what will you regret more — the things you did or the things you didn’t do when you had the chance? If you don’t play, then you can’t win, nothing great ever happened from watching on the sidelines.