Annamarie Stone, VP


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Centralia FFA


Centralia, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Ag Education – Teacher Certification

Annamarie Stone, VP
SAE Project

My SAE consists of owning my own business, Stoney Creek Meats & More where I sell Cornish cross broilers and Cornish hens, broad breasted turkeys, and mums during the fall. I also have a small herd of purebred Charolais cattle, two pigs — Paige and Peter — and two ewe lambs. Additionally, I have completed four different agri-science research projects including my two favorite things — people and animals!

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

My motivation for running for state office was trying to make sure that each and every FFA member I come in contact with feels like they have a place where they can belong and fit in. Growing up, I never really was able to find my “click” until I got involved in FFA and then attended camp. So, I want to ensure others can feel comfortable being his or her unique self and discover a place to belong.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is my mom. Five years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and still chose each day to wake up with a positive attitude and worked hard for her students and her family. I also want to have a positive attitude in any circumstance and work hard no matter the situation.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plans include going to the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in agriculture education with an emphasis in teacher certification. I want to then return to a high school and become an agriculture education teacher and FFA advisor. 

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

I am an auctioneer, and I learned how to do it off of Tik-Tok. 

Advice to FFA Members

Take every opportunity that you have. There are so many opportunities out there at your fingertips. Each day brings new chances for you to explore and new people to meet so engage in those simple opportunities and you will prosper.