Anna Triplett, Vice President


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Memphis FFA


Memphis, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Animal Science

SAE Project

Boer Goat Production

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

As I spent the last four years in FFA, I watched some of the most inspirational and impressive people be state officers before me. I learned from them and want nothing more than to make the same impact and difference that they made on me, on the next generation of FFA members.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is my father. He has had more adversity thrown at him than the average man should. He has faced it all with a kindness in his heart. He has worked hard his entire life and I hope that when I am older I am half the person that he is. 

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I will be attending the University of Missouri to earn a degree in Animal Science. After completing that degree, I plan to attend Veterinary School before eventually opening up my own clinic that specializes in large animal reproduction. 

Advice to FFA Members

My advice to FFA members is to be as active and involved as possible. Every activity or event you participate in is another opportunity to gain knowledge and friendships.