Kensie Darst, Vice President


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Aurora FFA


Aurora, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Agriculture Education

Kensie Darst
SAE Project

My SAE includes working as a sales associate at a local hardware store where I assist customers in finding items within the hardware and rental departments. This experience has helped me develop my communication skills with customers while also creating relationships with local farmers within the area. I also raise and exhibit Simmental cattle where I work with cattle and exhibit them at local and regional shows.

What motivated you to want to become a Missouri FFA officer?

I remember being at my first Missouri FFA State Convention, sitting in a sea of blue corduroy while the state FFA officers were all running on stage. I recall watching the excitement they all had and how they were influencing members. It had made an unending impact on me. While being an active member within the National FFA Organization, I have met many state officers throughout the years. With each interaction that I have had, I have been impacted tremendously. While observing the state officers from across the state of Missouri, I had a desire to become the person that they had held up to be. I wish to become the state officer that will be there for members in their times of need and in celebration. I cannot express how excited I truly am to be serving the members of the Missouri FFA Association.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero would have to be my father. Growing up and watching my father, he always had a drive to become better than the person he was the day before. He spends every day working hard to achieve the goals that he sets for himself, whether that be in his Christianity or at his daily job. I wish to become the hardworking individual that he is.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plans include attending the University of Missouri-Columbia to major in agriculture education in the fall of 2019. I plan to graduate with my bachelor’s degree, and I will work towards my master’s degree. After graduating from college, I hope to become an FFA advisor within the state of Missouri while also beginning my own cow-calf operation.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

Back in 2010, I discovered that I am ambidextrous. I figured this out in my math class. The students were playing a game where we were given a mathematical question, and we had to run to the board and write the answer. The person who wrote the answer first, won. Of course, when it was my turn, the teacher decided to change the rules up and say that we had to write the answer with our opposite hand. I figured this would be a challenge until I ran to the board and easily wrote the answer. This is when I discovered my unusual talent.

Advice to FFA Members

My biggest piece of advice to FFA members is this upcoming year will be filled with many great opportunities for you to become involved. The FFA is filled with endless opportunities that are available for everyone and allows members to discover their passions. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to better yourself as a leader, member or as an agriculturalist. Achieve those goals that you have been setting for yourself ever since your first day in ag class. Never be afraid to reach out and ask any state officer, previous member or advisor if you have any questions, and always live each day to the best of your ability!