Missouri FFA and Agriculture Education | Chloe Momphard, 1st Vice President
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Chloe Momphard, 1st Vice President

1st VICE PRESIDENT 2018-2019

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Troy FFA


Troy, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Animal Sciences

Chloe Momphard
SAE Project

My SAE consists of several parts including: Specialty Animal Production Placement, Veterinary Science – Placement, Sheep Production – Entrepreneurship, Food Services – Placement, Turf Grass Management – Placement and Agriscience – Animal Systems. With Specialty Animal Production, I work on a ranch taking care of a diverse group of animals including llamas, alpacas, goats, zebras and bison. In Veterinary Science-Placement, I have taken the time to shadow different veterinarians in my area and work at a local clinic in order to gain practical experience for my future career. For the past 11 years, I have been involved in sheep production as I have raised sheep to show and sell at my county fair. I have worked in food services as a part time job, serving as a server, hostess, dishwasher and prep cook at a local restaurant. During the summer when I am not spending my days participating in extracurriculars, I am helping my father with his business by mowing. The Agriscience – Animal Systems is a unique SAE for me. In this, my partner and I conducted an experiment and were able to compete at state and national competitions, eventually earning the title of National Reserve Champion.

What do you hope to accomplish during your year of service to Missouri FFA?

I hope to grow personally and become a better advocate for agriculture, but I think my biggest goal that I have set for myself is to show members all of the opportunities available within both FFA and agriculture. I also hope to demonstrate my passion for the organization and industry that I am proud to serve. As a freshman in high school, I remember seeing former members and officers lead with pride and how that resonated through their actions. My goal is to also have an impact on members by leading with passion and pride.

What or who motivates and inspires you and why?

I am motivated by the goals that I have set for myself and the subsequent accomplishments of those goals. I strive to attain my goals, and I do not settle for less than my best. I am inspired by the accomplishments, hard work and dedication of the great leaders who have impacted my life, and I want to follow in their footsteps.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future include going to Mizzou and majoring in animal science. With my background and interest in science, I believe I have found my niche in the veterinary science field. I hope to attend the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, earn a doctor of veterinary medicine degree with a specialty in large animals. After graduation, I plan to come back to my community to work as a mixed practice veterinarian while being involved with the local FFA chapter.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

I am the only biological child in my immediate family. I have an older brother and two younger sisters who were adopted from South Korea as infants. Coming from a unique and diverse family has provided me with an open outlook on family dynamics, as well as cultural learning experiences.

Advice to FFA Members

Get involved! This is an organization where you truly get out what you put in. High school flies by faster than you can ever imagine. Take pictures! It’s always fun to relive the events and the emotions captured. FFA has endless opportunities for you to explore and experience. The advisors are there to guide you in any way that they can. Older members, officers and leaders in the organization are willing to answer your questions. Never be afraid to reach out and ask! FFA is for students from differing backgrounds. I personally didn’t come from a production background (I am two generations removed), but I have still found my passion/place in agriculture and FFA.