Jacob King, VP
Jun 01 2022

Finding Your Place in FFA

Jacob King

Missouri FFA Members, I am truly honored and delighted to be serving as one of your new state FFA officers. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to serve and interact with FFA members from across this great state. I have a feeling that this year is going to be another remarkable year for Missouri FFA, and I am very excited to see the progress and impact this year’s state officer team is going to have. 

Finding your place in the FFA will open your eyes to countless opportunities and make your FFA experience worthwhile. I know from being a Greenhand that it is difficult sometimes to realize your place and passions within agriculture and FFA. Luckily, FFA offers a variety of leadership opportunities, career events and skill building workshops that are developed to help us find our place. Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events provide us with a variety of options that can enhance our knowledge, leadership, career and communication skills. Personally, I have competed in the entomology contest and various speaking competitions. I’ve seen first hand the improvements and new skills I have acquired because I applied myself to those contests. Competition can really help you discover your passions and talents, but if those opportunities are not for you, that is okay. Supervised Agricultural Experiences also provide a way for you to develop your skills. My SAE is in vegetable production. Through my SAE I plant, maintain, and harvest 150 tomato plants, along with several other vegetables. My SAE has taught me wonderful life skills such as marketing, communication and responsibility. It has also helped me develop career goals I would eventually like to pursue. The good news about SAEs is the diverse interests the experiences help members explore. If you are struggling to find your place or passion in FFA, an SAE project can help open new opportunities for you. 

Members, I challenge you to discover your place in FFA. Set goals and work to achieve them this next year. Don’t wait for the opportunity to find you. Seek out ways FFA can help you discover your niche!

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