Fight for A New Fate

Isaiah Massey

新しい運命のために戦う –  Fight for a new fate


To many people who know me they understand that I am a very big anime fan, and my favorite anime show to watch is Naruto.   For those who are not familiar with the show, Naruto is an orphaned child who possesses an immense amount of power that takes him a very long time to learn and master. As Naruto grew up he was isolated and treated like an outcast because people that knew of his powers feared him. One thing that I have always favored about Naruto is that he never gives up no matter how high the stakes are stacked against him.  Naruto’s optimism and passion for helping others is what truly makes him stand out. Ever since he was young, he wanted to become the Hokage of his village, or in relatable terms, Naruto had a goal of being his own version of a state officer.


One of Naruto’s most notable scenes was his fight against Neji. Neji was a child from a ninja clan where they are told that their life’                                                                                                                           s purpose was to be servants to another side of the clan that the only time they can be free from this service is when they pass on. Being told this throughout his entire life, Neji always had friction towards his sister Hinata whom was on the side of the clan that he had to serve even if it meant that it would cost him his life.  During this scene as he is telling Naruto about how his destiny has already been told to him, Naruto tells one of the most powerful quotes to have ever been said, “If you don’t like the hand that fates dealt you with, then fight for a new one.”  This phrase speaks volumes not just in a fictional world of chakra fused ninjas but this quote applies to our real lives as well.


All of us go through different seasons of life. People might try to put you in a ceiling cap because of the name you have, maybe even because of the person you were before. If we take a look in our world, there are people who don’t see agriculture in the same light that we do. In a world that is filled with curve balls such as COVID-19 or not being able to finish senior year, sometimes it feels like you’re defeated. But just because you feel defeat doesn’t mean you are defeated.  If you don’t like the hand that fates dealt you with, then fight for a new one! FFA members don’t give up hope, don’t give up now on the things you’ve worked so hard for. Just because you feel like the odds are stacked against you, does not mean you have lost.  We are the future of agriculture. No matter how hard the challenges may be, or how difficult of a curve ball life may throw at us, there is always still a reason to keep on fighting.  FFA members what fate will you fight for?

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