Meagan Forck

Jun 02 2021

Is Your Rubber Band Stretched to the Max?

How is FFA like a rubber band?


I was asked this question just four years ago when I was running as a junior officer during my freshman year of high school. This might feel like an easy and simple question to answer, but for me the question meant so much more than just the comparison of FFA and a rubber band. 


I gave two answers to the question. The first thing that came to mind for me was that FFA is resilient. No matter how far you stretch a rubber band it will return to its original shape. The Missouri FFA Association and its members overcame a global pandemic; we overcame some of the biggest adversity that many of us will face during our time in the Missouri FFA Association. 


The second answer I replied with is that you can pull and stretch a rubber band as much as you want or don’t want. This might seem like a simple answer, but another member in my chapter also explained it this way. To both of us, our answers were almost identical. “As an FFA member, we can stretch our rubber band out just a little by taking an agriculture class in high school, or we can stretch our rubber band out a lot by being active in FFA.” 


While I was in high school, I was active in FFA. Between public speaking, dairy foods, and meats evaluation competitions, FFA Camp, Public Speaking Academy and HYMAX (Helping Youth Maximize Agriculture eXperiences), I learned how I could stretch my rubber band. 


My challenge for you during your time in FFA is to stretch your rubber band as far as you want it. Are you going to leave your rubber band stretched only a little or are you going to stretch your rubber band to its max?

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