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Adriene Aubuchon – VP

20 Seconds of Courage

Adriene Aubuchon

Adriene Aubuchon – VP

One of my favorite movies of all time is We Bought a Zoo. In this heartwarming movie one of the many quotes that has impacted my life is this: “You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come out of it.”

This quote not only embodies what we all should strive for, but it also tells us that something good can occur because of it. FFA members, take that step of bravery and reach for your goals. Sometimes it can be scary to have faith in yourself because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, but sometimes that is exactly what we need. We aren’t perfect; instead we should strive for the uniqueness our courage brings.

FFA has amazing opportunities to help us practice these 20 seconds of courage. It takes 4 seconds to say ,“Hi, my name is Adriene Aubuchon. What’s your name?” If we don’t leap right into these sometimes-scary situations, we might not ever meet a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration or friendship or connection. It takes about 20 seconds to say the opening line to your speech. It takes 1 second to wave at someone we see that’s having a bad day. This not only applies in FFA, but in school, other clubs, friendships and future careers.

Twenty seconds FFA members, 20 seconds. A year is 31,536,000 seconds. The magnitude of opportunity one year holds for a challenge, a new experience, a small change, is so exciting. May we never let fear of the unknown or of failure keep us from those few seconds of insane courage.



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Ends Are Just The Beginning

Adriene Aubuchon, VP 2018-19

Adriene Aubuchon – VP

This time of the year seems it seems like everything is coming to an end. Convention, banquets and contest season have all been winding down, and it’s easy to be swept up into the lull of doing nothing. If you’re a freshman, you’re just completing your first year in FFA, and if you’re a senior, you’re wrapping up four amazing years in an organization that’s likely brought many memorable moments.

Have you ever heard the saying “When one door closes, another one opens”? This perfectly sums up these four years you’ve spent in FFA. This chapter might be closing, but something new is on the horizon. Change is good. We will carry the friendships, memories and life lessons with us throughout our whole lives. You might be hanging up the blue jacket, but you will never be done with FFA because it changes your life. And when something impacts you this much, it sticks with you forever.

Just because school is out and summer vacation is here doesn’t mean that we have to stop being involved in FFA for a few months. Camp, Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence (HYPE) Academy, Helping Youth Maximize their Agricultural eXperience (HYMAX) and county and state fairs are adventures full of memories just waiting for us.

Ends are just the beginning of new opportunities. Enjoy the ride.

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