Allison Schneider, VP
Sep 02 2022

Breaking Comfort Zones

Rather than loading the trailer, I was loading my car to head toward the Missouri State Fair. This was the first time in nine years that I wouldn’t be exhibiting my swine at the state fair. While sad for me, I was still ready and excited to attend the fair. I knew my two weeks at the fair were going to be vastly different from those of past years. My schedule consisted of working the FFA building, goat, sheep and cattle shows rather than swine, speaking engagements, pictures, and a whole day at food insecurity. When I saw my schedule, I was a little taken back because I was hoping for free time to spend in the swine barn with my show family. Nonetheless, I knew I needed to put my best foot forward for Missouri FFA, I’m so glad I did.


While attending a host of events at the state fair, I met a whole new group of people that were amazing. I got to experience different parts of agriculture that are fascinating. I learned more than I ever dreamt I would. These types of situations come up in our everyday lives all the time; do we stay in our comfort zone, or do we reach out and learn something new? Do we stay set in our ways or do we learn from someone or something else? As we all adventure back to school this year, we will experience something unknown whether that be a new class, teacher, or even an entirely different  school. Know that while yes, this experience might be vastly different, it is all part of our growth. These are the memories, the experiences and knowledge that we pack in our minds no matter where our trip is going.

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