Jul 14 2021

A Frigid Realization

Freezing wind blew against my thick barricade of coats as I ventured out looking for a missing heifer. With snow up to the middle of my shins, it was hard to walk. Frustration stormed inside of me as I slowly moved through a thicket of cedar saplings. After a long week of frigid temperatures and losing calves, I was more than ready to quit. Finally, I laid eyes on my missing heifer. 


At her side, she has a determined newborn trying to stand and nurse for the first time. For a while I stood and watched the new calf fall down only to get back up and try it all again, reluctant to get the warm milk that was waiting for it. No matter how many times the calf fell, it continued trying to get up, until eventually it was successful. As I stood there, I realized I needed to be more like that resilient newborn. 


After a long, hard year filled with challenges and inconveniences, I was ready to call it quits and give up. However, I learned I just needed to continue my attempts at standing and reaching for achievements waiting for me. Instead of focusing on what was dragging me down, I needed to look for what was there when I stood. I decided I wasn’t going to let the negatives drag me down anymore, I was going to stand. 


When we are faced with challenges, it makes it easy to forget what we are working toward. As we embrace our future, it’s important we become like that newborn calf. No matter what obstacles are weighing you down, don’t forget to keep trying to stand and stay focused on what lies ahead and you are working toward. 

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