Jun 30 2021

Dare To Be Different

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” This thought-provoking quote comes from the unmatchable, Maya Angelou. Maya was a fearless leader in our country, standing up for what she believed in, and teaching others to do the same through her famous poems, books, and other writings.


I attempted to be a fearless leader, much like Maya Angelou last week during the Audrain County Historical Society’s History Camp. Yes, you read that right, History Camp! I know, it sounds like the most utterly boring thing you have ever heard of, but I personally believe nothing can top it! I am by no means a history buff, but attending History Camp, as both a camper and counselor has taught me the importance of our past, as well as finding something odd and different to be a part of. 


When summer camp time rolls around, and the History Camp facilitator contacts me, I am ecstatic. All of my friends and family members know just how important camp is to me. However, each year they continue to give me a funny look and laugh at my obsession and excitement to attend camp. As a camper, I would take it offensively. Not only was this originally out of my comfort zone, but it was also something none of my friends would try. I realized I was being different, maybe a little odd, but I was adding another experience to my “give-it-a-try” list. 


Over the many years I have been involved in History Camp, I have made countless friends, met government officials and leaders, as well as learned about our country’s history, and my own county’s history, in a hands-on environment. I have tried new foods from a variety of eras, built boats and even created a mini rocket. 


FFA members, I’m not asking you to join me at History Camp, or become involved in an activity that makes you uncomfortable, but rather to try something completely different than your typical interest. Give it a chance; you never know what may happen until you try it. Just as Maya Angelou said, if you try to be normal and fit in with the social norm, you will never find your true passions or interests. Dare to be different and unleash your potential to find out how amazing you can be. 

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