Missouri Team Takes Top Honors in 2019 Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Competition

Courtesy of the National FFA Organization

Winners of the National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Career Development Event (CDE) were announced Friday at the annual awards banquet. The event was held in conjunction with the 92nd National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis. Dr. Mark Zidon from the University of Wisconsin -Platteville served as superintendent of the event.


The top ten individuals and the national winning team members received cash awards to recognize their success in the event. This CDE, and all the cash awards, are sponsored by Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Caterpillar Inc., Darling Ingredients and Firestone Agricultural Solutions.


The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE is a competitive event that allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Activities included in the event are a written exam, a team event, demonstration of problem-solving skills, and hands-on performance activities. Areas of emphasis include environmental and natural resource systems, machinery and equipment systems, structural systems, energy systems and electrical systems. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.


The event, held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, is one of many educational activities at the National FFA Convention & Expo in which FFA members practice the lessons taught in agricultural education classes.

Top Placing Teams

1st Place– Missouri  Grant Coe, Youssef Fransis, Kirby Latimer, and Mason Uhlmeyer, all of North Shelby FFA

2nd Place– Illinois  Austin Friedman, Ty Zimmerman, Chase Leman, and Evan Young, all of Prairie

Central FFA

3rd Place– California  Devan Gomes, Landon Rocha, Trenton Soares, and Tyler Pimentel, all of Hilmar FFA

4th Place– Texas Trey Ivey, Wyatt Lykins, Samuel Packer, and Rylan Cates, all of Bangs FFA

5th Place– North Carolina  Kevin Melton, Alton Warren, Lane Warren, and Parker Edwards, all of Enka FFA

6th Place– North Dakota  Levi Schwab, Jacob Bear, Brady Carlson, and Gavin Reinke, all of Lisbon FFA

7th Place– Iowa  Gabe Knobloch, Blake Meyer, Lucas Moser, and Tyren Ulmer, all of West Lyon FFA

8th Place– Washington  Chad Nunamaker, Gus Roelof, Jose Malave, and Hailey Gallatin, all of Meridian FFA

9th Place– Ohio  JUSTIN PUTHOFF, Blake Holthaus, James Keller, and Austin Bollheimer, all of Fort Loramie- UVCC FFA

10th Place– Nevada  John Cashell, Cody M Fowers, Evan D Carlon, and Kaden T Syme, all of Silver Sage FFA

Top Placing Individuals

 1st Place– Youssef Fransis of North Shelby FFA , MO

2nd Place– Kirby Latimer of North Shelby FFA , MO

3rd Place– Mason Uhlmeyer of North Shelby FFA , MO

4th Place– Grant Coe of North Shelby FFA , MO

5th Place– Levi Schwab of Lisbon FFA , ND

6th Place– Tyler Pimentel of Hilmar FFA , CA

7th Place– Sam Droesch of Crater FFA , OR

8th Place– Ty Zimmerman of Prairie Central FFA , IL

9th Place– Garrett Morgan of White County FFA , GA

10th Place– Evan Young of Prairie Central FFA , IL

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