Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Difference

Isaiah Massey - 1st VP

Isaiah Massey – 1st VP

Fear: to be afraid of something that is likely to be dangerous, painful or threatening.


Everyone has his or her own personal fears. Some people are afraid of clowns, spiders and snakes but one thing we all share in common is that we all are afraid of being different.


Being different definitely is nerve wrecking, and I can attest to that on a personal level. My very first FFA meeting I attended was in a pair of cool grey Jordans and a shirt that was all white with a large bold black word saying “hustle.” I recognized very quickly from the surrounding AriatÒhats and boots that I stood out like a sore thumb.  At first, I was nervous, thinking that I didn’t belong here, that I was too different from everyone in the room, and they wouldn’t accept me for who I was. I remember being ready to storm out of that room as soon as the meeting was over just so I could avoid hearing the snickers and cackles that I drew up in my mind.


As soon the chapter president adjourned the meeting, I stood up and raced down the bleachers until I was stopped by a kid named Lucas Ellis. Lucas and I were classmates back in the 4th grade but hadn’t talked until that day after the FFA meeting — three years later.


I remember Lucas telling me that everyone was excited that I was there because not many people like me want to try understanding the world of agriculture.  I had spent this entire time worrying during the meeting that no one would accept me because I was different, but in fact it was the very reason of me being different that they accepted me.  In life, there will always be times where you will be different than others, and it will be scary. However, FFA members, being different is a beauty within itself.  It is where you can express yourself, be who you are and the best part is, there isn’t anyone else that can replicate your own personal identity.


FFA members I challenge you to be DIFFERENT.

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