Leave Your Mark on Others

Regan Ragsdale

Regan Ragsdale – Secretary

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.” – Judy Blume


Hello, April! Spring has seemingly sprung so quickly, and I could not be happier. April means many things: blooming flowers, sandal weather, celebrating holidays like Easter, and most excitingly – the Missouri FFA State Convention!


In a fast two-day convention, Missouri FFA members travel from across the Show-Me state to reconnect with old friends, exemplify the work they’ve done all spring, and have one of the best weekends of their life.


The rumble and roar of convention can be exciting and intimidating. For many, it is easy to be caught up in the competition of Career Development and Leadership Development Events. Thinking about the culmination of all your hard work can sometimes be overwhelming. It is also easy to be worried about being the best you can possibly be – trust me, I’ve been there.


When going to convention, rather than worrying about the titles you could win or all the things you could see, think about the lives you could be touching. The Missouri FFA State Convention is the best place you could be to meet new and old friends in Missouri FFA. My all-time favorite FFA memories are in the Hearnes Center with the greatest friends I could ask for. The things in Hearnes that I remember are not standing on stage; it’s the times with my friends walking through the Career Show or when I was standing on the floor of Hearnes seeing friends I had met at HYPE.


The people at the Missouri FFA State Convention are the reason it is such a magical event. Take advantage of the opportunity to see an old friend from FFA Camp or meet a new friend in the Career Show. The people you see at Missouri FFA State Convention will leave a mark on your life – take a moment to leave a mark on theirs.


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