Enjoy the Blue Corduroy

Allie Lock – VP

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. As I sat in the middle of my geometry class my sophomore year of high school, the day seemed to be dragging on and on. That day in particular was smack dab in the middle of National FFA Week, and at my school we had themes for each day. It was Official Dress Day, so that morning after ripping two pairs of pantyhose, I finally got suited up in my full official dress. As my teacher stood in front of the class saying something about triangles, all I could think about was how I could not wait until I got out of my blue corduroy jacket.


Now, three years later, I would give almost anything to go back to my sophomore year and relive all of my blue corduroy jacket memories. We are at the point in the year where school starts seeming hectic. Between snow days and school days, you might feel the pressure to get things done as quickly as possible. With tests, career development events, trips and homework, I’m sure you can’t wait for time to fly by. I know I used to wish the exact same thing. But as you participate in this year’s National FFA Week, take a moment to let time stand still. Enjoy FFA week and everything it has to offer. Soak it in. Because one day, you’ll be taking off your blue corduroy jacket for the final time.

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