Andi Montgomery

Andi Montgomery – VP

Back in October, I embarked on a journey that will always have a place in my heart. I met the sweetest people, tried the most interesting food and gained some incredible experiences. This trip was an exchange program provided by Missouri State University to Taiwan’s NCHU. During my eight-day journey I hiked mountains, made my own tea, met local farmers and explored many of the vast agricultural industries on the small island. On the last day, we went to a world flower exposition. As we were looking around, I stumbled across a tent where the sign read, DIY Grass Animals. Instantly, we were sucked in by smiling faces and warm gestures, greeting us in a language we did not understand. Our task looked simple; all we had to do was weave this dried grass into a deer (which stands for good luck). Right? What happenned was a table of laughter as we watched our group leader show us the next step, and as we repeated what we thoughthe did (not always what he had done). The laughter showed the connection we had with simple actions, not words. Together we were happy because we were learning and trying.


Join me in being adaptive to new ideas and projects, from a new career development event or even a little line dancing. When something enjoyable comes your way, why not try it? Anything is made possible with a little action and a positive attitude, even learning how to eat every meal with chopsticks. People are willing to help see you through, so take that journey.

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