Spreading the News Over Coffee

Madison Bader - VP

Madison Bader – VP

For me, Saturday mornings mean early shifts at my local coffee shop. I would get there before the sun rose, turn on all the lights, and start the day’s first pot of coffee. No sooner than I would unlock the door, my first customer would be there. That customer is a man by the name of Dave.


Dave would come in, leaf through the morning paper that I had laid at his favorite chair, and then make his way back into the kitchen where a small cup of coffee would be sitting there waiting for him. As he laid his money on the counter, we would talk. No topic was too big or too small to discuss in those early morning moments. One of my favorite topics to discuss with him was FFA. I would talk to Dave about where I had been travelling and what I had been doing with FFA, and he would ask different questions and listen.


You see, Dave had never known anything about the FFA before he met me, just a girl working at the coffee shop that he went to every morning. However, since Dave cared about me, he was willing to listen and hear about what the FFA does and the impact it can have on the lives of others.


With that being said, as you go through life, make sure to acknowledge those around you who listen and care about you. You are capable of spreading news and information in more than just your blue jacket. People around you are willing to support you and help you through your journey, and at the end of the day, it is the smaller moments that mean the most and might just turn out to build a lifelong bond.

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