Tradition is the Glue

Dillon Reinitz

Dillon Reinitz – VP

There is nothing better than sitting around the Christmas tree with family and a steamy cup of hot chocolate. For me, some of the most memorable moments in my family have happened sitting around the tree. It was tradition for my brother and I to wake up as early as possible, run into my parents’ room and wake them up so that we could see what Santa had brought. Then with our Christmas pajamas on and new toys in hand, we would travel to my grandma’s house for a great Christmas morning breakfast. Tradition is the glue that holds my family together during the holiday season.


Glue: An adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together (Webster, 2018). It’s hard to imagine that a tradition can serve as glue, but when it comes to doing something as a family; traditions serve as the adhesive that sticks us together. Just as our families have traditions so does FFA, whether it be reciting the creed as freshman, wearing an FFA stole at graduation as seniors, or wearing official dress traditions hold us together as an organization.


I encourage you to continue to respect traditions this holiday season. Keep applying that adhesive that hold us and our loved ones together. As you know it’s the traditions that bring us together this holiday season. It’s tradition that keeps our amazing organization moving in a positive direction, and it is traditions that will shape you into the person you want to be. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate sit around the Christmas tree and have a happy holiday season while you participate in your favorite holiday traditions!

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