Be. Believe. Become.

Chloe Momphard

Chloe Momphard – 1st VP

Be. Believe. Become. These simple but impactful words have hung above my bed and served as motivation for the past five years.


I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “Act like the person you want to become.”This is where “be” comes into play. Each of us has to take action in order to be the person we want to bein life. However, it isn’t enough to just act like the person we want to be, we have to “believe” we can achieve it. Positive mental images are critical in achieving goalsbecause what you think is often what you achieve!


While it is always nice to have support from those that we love in our lives, we also have to be confident in ourselves and our abilities. We have to work for the goal and “believe” that we can achieve it. After we “be” and “believe”, it is natural for us to “become” the person we want to be or achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Be. Believe. Become.


It sounds simple. It’s just three steps to follow. We will always haveobstacles to face; however, we can prepare and limit the obstacles and eliminate the opportunity to react. By preparing, we are on the front end of a goal, guiding the path; when we react, we are behind, chasing the path, trying to play ‘catch-up’.


FFA members, you can use this in your FFA career, school and vocation. Success will not be handed to us! We have to work for it each day. While we may not be able to control everything that happens, we can guide our path by preparing for success and going after it, instead of waiting for it to happen and reacting. Be, Believe, Become and write your own success story!



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