Be a Role Model

Aaron Mott, casual

Aaron Mott – VP

This time of year we all begin to ask ourselves some important questions. While you might wonder what classes you will take next year and how you can improve your math grade, other questions are also important.


Consider this one: “Who is my role model?” Think about who you consider to be your role model. Why do you see he or she that way? What traits do they possess, and can you possess traits like that? When I think about my role model, the traits that immediately come to mind are hardworking, trustworthy and future-minded. I admire these traits and will continue to work to develop them in myself.


Finding a role model and identifying traits you admire in someone is only the beginning. The real challenge is finding oneself. What are you good at? How can you improve your skills to positively impact your family, friends and community? While it is easy to focus on trying to be like others, each one of us is unique and can make a difference like no one else. We might possess some of the same traits as our role models, or we might have different strengths. I challenge you to ask yourself how you can make a bigger difference in the world around you.


Oh, and while you think about these questions, good luck in that math class!

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