Deer Season

Ben Luebbering, casual

Ben Luebbering – VP

Deer season has arrived in Missouri! This time of year ranks among my favorites as the leaves turn to bright colors, and the hunter orange fills the woods of my hometown. With deer hunting season comes my hope of seeing the “30-pointer.” In fact, I have not shot a buck in seven years as I continue to hold out for that buck of a lifetime. Sitting in the deer stand for hours on end becomes tiring and very tempting to shoot one of the younger deer that passes through. In the end it is all worth it for me when the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail arises. The quest for these elusive big bucks has taught me several valuable lessons. To be successful in the deer woods I must be patient, persistent and passionate. Patience is key to control the urge to leave the stand or shoot a smaller deer. I must be persistent by spending countless hours waiting for the perfect opportunity. Finally, passion is key because without a love for what you do it is easy to lose sight of the goal.
FFA members, I challenge you all to take these lessons from the deer woods and apply them to your goals within the FFA. Always be patient, persistent and passionate, and success will be right around the corner!


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