Missouri FFA and Agriculture Education | Abby Turner, Vice President
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Abby Turner, Vice President


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Brookfield FFA


Brookfield, Missouri


University of Missouri – Columbia


Science and Agricultural Journalism

Abby Turner, casual
SAE Project

Poultry production, lifeguarding, country-cured hams and agri-science research animal systems

What do you hope to accomplish during your year of service to Missouri FFA?

During my year of service to Missouri FFA, I hope to help FFA members from the farthest points of the state and between to find their voice, passion and love for the FFA and agriculture industry. I desire to aid FFA members in finding their niche, while giving them the materials necessary to reach and surpass their potential. It is my hope that I can show them that they are an integral part of this organization and that they have a talent and purpose that can make a positive and unique difference.

What or who motivates and inspires you and why?

Adventure and challenges have always been the source of my motivation. I am always seeking out new adventures or opportunities to have fun and push myself to become a better leader, friend and well-rounded person. The thrill that comes from parasailing, roller coasters, rock climbing or placing first at a contest make me feel exhilarated. The chance to excel in contests or competitions motivates me to train and work a little harder and longer to achieve my goals. I am constantly striving to improve myself because everyone is a work in progress, never a final product. The idea of being able to contribute more to those outside of my current circle of influence inspires me to diversify my horizons and connect with a vast array of members across the state.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I plan on attending the University of Missouri-Columbia to pursue a degree in Agriculture Journalism with a minor in Political Science. After earning a degree or two, I hope to work for an agriculture corporation as a marketing executive or represent agriculture as a lobbyist.

What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you?

In high school, I was the lead snare drummer in the BHS Drumline and was able to perform in my cheerleading uniform at every home football game. Also something that most people do not know about me is that I love hard rap music.

Advice to FFA Members

Do not be afraid to try things that scare you and if there is an event or activity you can attend, go for it! It does not matter if it is an FFA event, a local festival or volunteer work, get out there and live life to the fullest. It may feel safer to stay home, but we do not gain experience or skills by not participating or challenging ourselves. Find something you are passionate about and run with it. That is how progress is made. Passionate people push industries.